Our Belief

LIFE Beliefs

Ø  Lives of all human beings are of equal value.

Ø  in a world rich in resources, poverty is an injustice, which must be overcome.

Ø  Poverty makes people more vulnerable, which can be prevented, and must be relieved.

Ø  People's poverty and inequity is increased by unequal power relations based on, gender, race class, caste and disability.

Ø  Working together we can build a just and safer society in which people go for affluence in their lives and enjoy their basic rights.

Ø  Overcoming poverty and suffering involves changing unjust policies and practices, as well as working closely with people.

Ø  Being at equilibrium adopting no-profit no-loss philosophy.

Ø  The LIFE is known for his virtues of human touch, dedication, flexibility, self-reliance and nearness to the community.

Ø  The LIFE in developing societies has the lion's share of responsibility for ensuring planned socio-economic development and nation-building.

Ø  The LIFE is thus representative of alternative models of development thinking in India.

Human being is at the center of concerns for sustainable development. They are entitled to health and productive life in harmony with nature. People arc the most important and valuable resource of any nation. So we should ensure that all individuals are given the opportunity to make the most of their potential. They have that right to an adequate standard of living for themselves and their families, including adequate food, clothing, housing water and sanitation.