Our Background

LIFE was established in 1998-99 promoting Rural Development. It has expertise in a wide range of development Initiatives, which it has acquired over 1 year of hard work and skilled professionalism in the area of facilitating the under privileged and oppressed in marking them economically and Socially independent and availing the right granted by the constituting of India. The LIFE Team Consists of qualified professional and experienced trained grass root workers, engineers, Agro-Graduate, under graduate and dedicated and hard working all other team worker the diverse composition is the organization's greatest strengths; it facilitates the effective integration of both technocratic and local knowledge and skills, resulting man in a function approach to development that is both innovative and congruent with local realities. Our organization has vast experienced, equipped, well cultured, dedicated, devoted and expertise in field working conditions and result oriented team.

LIFE Strategy

Ø  To identify location specific needs of farming community for farming system based agricultural development.

Ø  To set up priorities for sustainable agricultural development with farming system approach.

Ø  To facilitate the empowerment of farmer's producers through assistance for mobilization of farmer groups of different types including women groups FOs COS, Farmer Cooperatives Etc.

(a)          Their capacity building, skill development & support _services.

(b)         Seed money/revolving fund.

Ø  To facilitate market interventions for value addition to farm produce.

Ø  Take steps to ensure that problems, constraints and needs of the farming system based agriculture development are identified and diagnosed periodically training.