LIFE Mission

Our mission is based on equal values of humanity to work together for people's vulnerability caused by natural calamites, unequal power, disability and their sufferings,

LIFE Focus

Ø  Initiate and enlarge the source of income generation activities.

Ø  Promote rural employment and creation of permanent income generating assets.

Ø  Promote education, health, sanitation and general welfare of all particularly of unreached section of the society.

Ø  Ensure right to be heard and information.

Ø  Safeguard gender equality and freedom from discrimination.

LIFE Approach

Our approach towards development is participatory, by the people, with the people and is dedicated to serve the suffering humanity & committed to achieve the goal "Putting the last first".

LIFE Culture

Ø  Making a difference

Ø  Being Innovative

Ø  Being Collaborative

Ø  Being Accountable

Ø  Being Cost-effective